Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun

This year our little man is in preK 4 days a week. It's good for his social soul and perfect for my busyness. I get tons done while he is off learning, playing and strutting his stuff!! A win, win! Fridays tho... they are our day! Our one day to hang and be together! Now that I only get one day with this sweet spirit, I am trying to make the most of it and mentally take pictures of the moments we share!
Instagram helps with that... ha!!!
Even if we do the most mundane things, like errands or go on planned adventures to the park with our beast sweet girl, Dehaya, we are living it up! There isn't a question that goes unanswered or a 'what if' not pondered upon, we are thick as thieves!!! I sometimes wish I could have had this time with our big boy, instead of juggling his younger years with working full time! The memories I have with him during his 'before big school' years are precious, none the less. But I do feel like they were rushed and full of unrelated stress that took time away from him. But, I digress... and I know time gives perspective to the blessings we have and have always been given, so for that, I am thankful! Stress or no stress, hussle or not, our boys have thrived and so have we!!
I think it's funny how time teaches, while gently reminding you of all that you have in life. It marches on with or without you. If you decide to be open to it, time can impart endless possibilities to do better, allow you to give more, and it begs you to celebrate what you've already done (good or bad)! Time keeps ticking no matter if you have or haven't planned for what's to come!! For now, we cherish time! Some times it's on our side and other times it eludes us no matter how hard we try! We snuggle longer, we laugh louder and among the moments when we lose control, we don't hesitate to try again and do better. And for me, Friday's have embodied just that... extra time, cherished time, time to do better!
As we head into the weekend, we have some fun things on the agenda, but nothing super special. Some sports playing and some down time for me and the hubs, away from the boys. Another week is wrapping up and we welcome the time that comes with the weekend... Extra time, cherished time, time to do better!

Always - Abbey

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  1. Gosh! You just have a way of giving me the warm, fuzzies!! I just love all of your inspirational! On another note...I saw your cute self at Target yesterday...but you were in a zone and I let you stay there...I know how nice quiet time by yourself can be ;-)