Sunday, March 18, 2012

Creating 'LUCK'

We ran short of time on the actual day of St. Patrick's day, go figure!?! When you run from one soccer game to another all day and the wind has blown you thru what seems like a tornado tunnel, the last thing on your mind is cooking... so we had to create our own day of green, irish eyes 'a smiling, and luck on the morning after St. Pat's Day! How did we do that, you ask?? Well with green pancakes, green milk and all the green sprinkles your hand could shake, of course!!!
Yes... sprinkles do belong on bacon!!!

While the syrup was flowing we took the time to read our "I am Lucky because..." strips out loud and relished the laughs, smiled at the sweet comments and most of all we soaked up the specialness that only our family holds!

Growing up, I think I was someone that truly thought life, happiness, fortune, or being successful happened based off luck or being in the right place at the right time. Now, as I look around the life I am living, I can not say quick enough that I was sorely mistaken! To me, luck is just another, less colorful word for blessings... having good fortune is something that isn't attained by blindly rolling the dice and crossing your fingers! Living a life filled with blessings is about trust, effort, making connections, extending yourself, giving of yourself so that your life can be enriched! You can't attain any sort of true happiness without first being outwardly everything that you want for your self! I know a lot of people have varying definitions of being happy or truly attaining happiness and think they are happy... but to me, my definition of happiness is that feeling that fills the deep part of your belly so much so that your fingers and toes tingle!!
I don't think you can expect to have a full life by just sitting around with your hands open, hoping something will fall your way... who knows how long you will sit there waiting?! You have to work at it, love on it, squeeze it, snuggle it... grasp onto whatever it is you want and hope for and never let go!
That is what our family does anyway... maybe we are a bit strange and over the top, but for us we create our own luck... We are our own beautiful blessings!
This morning, I was shown that maybe... just maybe, some of the stuff we are teaching our boys is seeping into their little minds and hearts! This momma was smiling thru the green sprinkles and syrup for sure by just reading this...
I couldn't have summed up our family's "Luck" better if I had tried :))

After the breakfast of blessings (as I like to call it) was over, all of my boys (and my girl) huddled up to watch some MORE soccer... like between the 3 games we were scheduled to play this weekend wasn't enough! Ha! I guess soccer should have been on one of those "I am Lucky because..." slips!? We sure to watch it, play it and talk about it enough.. sheesh!!! :)))
Here's hoping your breakfasts are filled with blessings, syrup and sprinkles... and maybe some soccer!!
Always - Abbey

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