Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Day was Made...

Today my little guy made my day... He made my bed!
Considering he is only 4, I think he did a bang up job!! 
For those who know me, and for those who don't... I am a professed neat freak (see past evidence and more past evidence)! It just so happens that today I had already planned to continue my cleaning in this part of the house, and I will admit I thought about redoing the bed! 
BUT... I didn't!! 
I decided that neatness and a tidy bedspread was nothing compared to the love and effort that went into this idea he for me!! Plus, I wanted to save it so I could brag on him to Dad when he got home!! 
I think all too often we pass up impromptu moments to give and get love, especially if your days are as jam-packed as ours are!!! So, whether your kiddo brings you a wilted flower, a handful of rocks to keep, yet ANOTHER piece of drawn upon construction paper, or wants to help you do something you usually do alone (like cleaning or cooking) cause it's just easier.... put that dead flower in a pretty vase and display it, show off those silly rocks to your friends and brag on them, hang up that piece of artwork somewhere important, and most of all don't miss out on those little moments when they want to be with you or do something with/for you!!! 
Because believe me, we 'Moms' will turn around twice and those same kiddos will totally think we are so not cool, and roll their eyes at us, while pretending they aren't related to us!!! Time goes fast, and so does our coolness as parents... soak it up now while you are still the coolest person they know!!!! 

Always - Abbey

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