Friday, February 24, 2012

Trade Offs

This week slapped me in the face! I have been 2 steps behind, feeling like my days are mixed up and losing time all week ! We started the week off with a school holiday, which always seems like a great idea but then the rest of the week just goes too fast!! I have been behind on laundry, off on my grocery shopping and totally not about cleaning the house... I just can't catch up!!! At times I would find myself getting frustrated and losing my temper because of it!! What is up with that?!!?!?
But in the midst of it all, I  took some time yesterday to upload and looked back through some pictures from our day 'off', and it hit me!! I know exactly why I have been feeling behind, and it makes perfect sense...
I traded my real trip to the grocery store for a trip to the pretend one... and man, did we fill our baskets!
 I traded sorting laundry for learning about insects and dinosaur bones... 
I traded cleaning the tubs and scrubbing the toilets for touching tornados and making things fly...
 I traded sweeping, mopping, and dusting for pretending to be doctors and making funny faces...
 And most of all I traded the need to keep everything nice, clean and tidy... because sometimes it's more fun to get dirty!

Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder to make you realize life is all about trade offs!! There is a reason why I chose to be behind this week, and I am so glad I made that choice!!

Always - Abbey

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  1. Love this...we went to the zoo on Thursday and at one point I thought about everything else I should've been doing, but wouldn't trade the memories we made for anything!!

    It was so good to run into you last night! I hope the race went good!!! I'm sure it felt like a breeze! You could jump in on the half with us! This week our long run was 6 which you did today. We do the long ones on Friday so next week (March 2) we're scheduled to run 7...let me know if you want to come!!