Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st craft fair, here I come!!!

Have I ever said that I have a tendency to take on too much!?!?! Well... I do!!! I don't like to say no, and I'm also not shy when it comes to a challenge... but I also stress and freak out in the midst of it all until it's all done!!! With that said... I decided to join 2 friends of mine to go in on a booth at a local craft fair... a very popular craft fair!!! And while agreeing to do that I went on vacation 2 weeks before, and I am planning a Golf Tournament for my PTA! Yes... I take on too much!!!!!
I wanted to share a few pics of the state of my life right now... really the state of my office/craft room!!! Plus it's a sneak peak at what I am going to try to sell!!!!
Of course there will be candles... avert your eyes from the inside to my cabinet!!
 Multipe bags of pillows... I need to get to crafting!!
 Ugh.... check out the pile'o fabric!! Ha!!
 And the pile on my desk...
 Some finished flower pins!!!
 Finished pillows!!!
So.... that's where I am at!! I will also sell purses, like I have posted before and maybe some headbands (if I get to making them)?!!?!? Happy Crafting... thank the Lord for my ipod!!!!!! If you are local... Swing by Martin High School Saturday or Sunday and come find us!!!! We will have a lot of cute stuff :)))

Always - Abbey

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  1. We are the same person. I do the exact same thing and then kick myself for doing it. You make the CUTEST things!!! I'm gonna try & come see ya Saturday morning! I want three candles for sure!!