Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Copycat

I often get blog envy... there are so many creative and awesome people out there who put up some amazing stuff, how can you NOT??!!! And, I'll admit it... I shameless stalk them to no end ;)))
Lately, I have been 'frequenting' a friend's blog called We Three Smiths and she did a series of posts about candy corn that I just loved!!! All of her posts are so creative, beatifully pictured and fun!!! I am not a huge candy corn fan but I do eat it around Halloween... and I love it paired with peanuts cause it tatses just like a PayDay candy bar... so I decided to follow her lead and make a yummy treat with candy corn!!! It's like they say... the greatest form of flattery is imitation, right?!!?

Here's what I came up with... PayDay Pops
2 rolls of cresent roll dough
1 bag of candy corn
peanut butter
cinnamon roll icing

I cut the cresent roll dough in half and layered on all the yummies and baked according to the package!!

And this is what it made...
Now... My little iphone edited pictures do NOT hold a candle to most photos on the blogs I stalk, especially Joy's... she has some photo snapping talent!! But you get the jest of what they came out like!!! I had a whole step by step photo montague ready but blogger is moving like molases today, so 2 photos it is!!!!

The Payday Pops were a hit at my Game Night :)) And speaking of game night... How about that Ranger/Cards Game!!! All us girls stayed hooked up watching until WAAAAY past my bedtime!!! I was so tired this morning... but not too tired to throw this together for all my boys teachers:
I got the idea off Pinterest and then my friend Julie sent me something similar... Monster Mash is what I called it!!! Nothing like having the ingredients and supplies for 2 weeks and waiting until the last 40 minutes before school to throw it together... talk about procrastination at it's finest!!!! Ha!!! I think it still turned out cute :)))
Pulling for a game 7 win tonight for the Rangers!!! I have a lot of trash talk riding on it!

Always - Abbey

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  1. Awww!!! Abbey!!! I love this and I love your blog! You are the best! I definitely have to try this!