Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a clean house

Ok... this is going to be short and sweet cause my little guys are almost home from camp!

I think that walking into a freshly cleaned house is seriously a glimpse into heaven!!! Am I alone in this thought??!?!?

Since I quit my job over 2 years ago, one of the things we sacrificed was a housekeeper that came twice a month! I never knew how much I adored this little piece of 'spoiledness' I had, until it was gone!!!! And don't get me wrong, I know having a housekeeper is a want, not a need... but it is a glorious need that brings me much happiness!!!
I loathe cleaning, I love the end result but getting my butt in gear to do it as often as my self-diagnosed OCD wants it to be done is a challenge to say the least!!! HA! But I digress....

Now that our house has been on the market for about a month, I have fit a couple of housekeeper days into our budget (sparingly)... and I adore it!!! I mean who doesn't love fresh vacuum lines in carpet...
It may just be me (and I openly admit, I am weird) but I hate walking on carpet that has just been vacuumed! It takes away from all the hard work you just put in. My kids think that I a ridiculous... and I probably am but I don't care!!!! You just can't beat a freshly cleaned room!!!
Above is my craft room... aka our office that I took over with all my craft stuff! Again, the family thinks I am too much but they deal! It looks so nice and inviting when it is straightened and clean!! I just want to jump in there (carefully walking on the carpet, as to not mess up all the vacuum lines, hahaha) and craft away!!!!!

Well... there you have it, a glimpse into my little slice of OCD-ism that is my life!!! Hope you enjoyed it and maybe identified with me a bit... hopefully, so I don't feel like such a nut! LOL!

Always - Abbey


  1. Abbey....I vacuum everyday after lunch when I put Rustin to bed and send Ryder to his room for quiet time...then I tip-toe around the carpet lines so that I can keep them as long as possible...so I too am weird. Just didn't want you to feel alone!!

  2. Oh, Joy... thank you for sharing!!! So nice to know I am not the only ocd nutz-o out there!!! ha!!!!!!!