Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Cup is Refilled...

I don't know if you are like this, but I run out of steam like almost on a bi-weekly basis sometimes... and when I say steam I mean, personal energy, gusto, ummf, motivation, desire!!!! Is it just me or is being a grown up harder than you ever imagined!!!?!!? Other than the occasionally mindless and kidless trip to Target or a much-loved pedicure, I don't take much 'me' time... just me! Not because I can't or anything... I just don't! Call it crazy, but more times than not, I adore spending time with my sweet team of 4... aka my family :). If I hang with friends, we usually have the kids circling us, screaming, playing, eating, clinging...etc!!! And if Shane and I go out we are usually with another couple or a group of friends who share our love of beverages, food and laughter!! What can I say... I'm a people person, a pleaser, a giver, someone who often yearns for alone time but when I get it, I struggle to relax, chill or find my inner calmness!!! But... this past weekend I totally took some 'me' time with a precious friend (again, see I wasn't alone... but it was me time none the less)... and it completely refilled my cup more than I ever could have hoped!!!

Friendship, to me, is something that I adore but it is also something I have to work at! There have been people in my life that have come and gone, come and destroyed, and come and never left... all were important, all were necessary... but as you can guess there have been times that weren't easy for me! So when I choose a friend, I choose specifically and with much thought (only after many life lessons, have I learned to do this)! A good friend fills your life with certainty that can take over a day with laughter, comfort you during the most horrific times, and give your soul rest when you didn't know you needed it! I am thankful for the people who call me a friend and bless me with the same in return...

So, in honor of a friend that came into my life on a whim (many thanks to a college coach who had no clue what he was doing), she never left, even during some pretty crappy times... here are pics showing our fun girls weekend of shopping, laughing, talking, sweating, shopping, crafting and most importantly making memories that will last a life time and hopefully keep my personal cup filled up for at least a month or more :))))!!!!!
Theme of the weekend!

One of Many Crazy Hat Photo Opps 

One of Many Wally-World trips... some shorter than others!

Should I buy it??

Oh, Yeah!! I'll have her converted in no time!!

The vendors loved that we played with and photographed their stuff, really they did!!!

Scary, yet funny Manikin photo!

Pardon me, is that a good book??

Precious, but not for sale, red birds! :(

When you are amongst friends, it's all good!!!!!!

I am sure I will have about 3-4 more blog posts about this trip... so sorry in advance for the over kill but there is just so much to share!!! Up next... flea market finds and how I used them at home!! Followed by, cool wreath tutorial!!!!
Stay Tuned.... And just for fun, go and tell a friend how much they mean to you! It does the soul good...

Always - Abbey

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