Thursday, July 17, 2014


Do you ever over think things... like to the point that you forget what the original thought or question was, over think things? That's me on the daily. I can be such a black and white, yet so very grey type of person. I jump with out looking but the entire time I am in the air, mid-jump my mind reels with questions and worry and doubt and excitement and eagerness. I have found that this has both intensified and changed as I have gotten older and become a wife and mother. I still leap but I leap toward more faith focused goals and personal awareness rather than jumping into what other's deem as 'a good thing.' I find that although I am still a people pleaser to my core, the circle of people I yearn to please is way smaller than it used to be.
As I go about my over thinking and rethinking I know in my heart that my mind is filled with Grace and that will lead my thoughts where they need to be. It's much easier to care deeply for those you love when you realize who and what you are, and love that first. It's way more humbling to show grace to others when you show it to yourself first. And it's way more fulfilling to give to those you love when you have given to yourself too. Acceptance. Embracing. Knowing and giving into the 'where, when and how' of who you are is the best way of allowing those weird and demanding idiosyncrasies that are your inner being to shine in the best way possible. Do the small things with great love, and do the greater things with the same tenacity as if you were the smallest of the small up against the biggest of the big. Over think it if you must. Don't think at all. Love big and accept who you are and the rest falls into place...

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