Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Content Joy

Dreams. Wishes. Goals. Wants. Aspirations. 
All those things are good to have. They keep a person focused and motivated, moving forward instead of falling back. I am a girl who wishes. I am an 'oooo... wouldn't that be awesome' dreaming kinda person. I want more every day and I aspire to be better all the time. All that is fine and dandy unless you turn all that wishing into an ungrateful heart. And that is what I had become early into my adult life. Someone who was thankful but only so much.
I was happy but knew I could be happier if....
I liked me but knew I could like me more if...
I knew I was blessed but I chose to see other's blessings as greater gifts from above.
I was always passing over me to envy someone who I deemed more deserving.
It wasn't a good place, trust me. 
I wasn't taking what I had and seeing it for the personally bestowed blessing that it was. I didn't see that the life, or the path before me was paved for me and only me. I looked past it and tried every which way I could think to jump off my path and land on someone else's that I knew had to be better than mine. I glanced ungratefully through most of my life early on, always yearning for what I didn't have and forcing myself to believe that there was better ahead if I could only get there.
Wherever 'there' was?!?!
 I didn't look for the good or seek joy, I just zoned in on what could be or what should have been, and sadly I missed a lot. I removed myself and pulled away from those that loved me. I sabotaged experience after experience in hopes of hurrying along to get to the good stuff, when in actuality the good stuff was staring me right in the face!! Hindsight is most assuredly 20/20 for 'this girl'. But what I learned (the hard way) was going through my trials and choosing to own them for what they were as blessings is what ultimately taught me how to embrace my life, myself and my God given Grace.
What I realized is here of late, is that I have been contently giddy. I have been peacefully grounded to a happy mindset and feeling like I am in a good place. A place I wouldn't trade anyone or anything for. I know joy and seek it out at every turn. I trust that my path is perfectly paved, awaiting me and only me to travel it. Hardship and sad times may come but they don't find me as easily weakened anymore. 'This girl' isn't the one always looking over, under and around to see the good in everyone else but herself. I look straight ahead, eyes set on me... and I don't feel one bit of remorse for it. 
I know Grace is given to all, even when we least deserve it. 
I feel that peace is granted even in difficult situations. 
I honor the life that I lead and strive to leave a wake of happiness anywhere I go.

Recently, I was honored to be asked to read an amazing Ebook, 'Find the Joy in the Journey' by a sweet friend, fellow boy momma and blogger, a retired volleyball player like myself, and an all in all gifted girl FULL of Grace that I adore!! Erin's blog Worthy of the Prize has been featured on my blog, bragged upon on my Facebook page and has basically inspired me every day over the last 2+ years!!! I couldn't type fast enough to accept the offer and I know I hit send before I even thought twice about reading her book!!! 
It was a no brainer for me.
Every page is like a glimpse into honest and open goodness. The ladies who shared their stories could have been me... it was like reading my heart at times. It was like seeing my fears in print at moments. But more importantly, it was like a quiet affirmation whispering letter after letter that I am not alone in my fears, or my hopes, or my failures, or my successes and definitely not in my joy! 
We all have a journey to take... 
It isn't about where we end up or how we get there, its about what we learn along the way! 
'Find the Joy in the Journey' is a that book repeats, preaches, teaches, and sets a tone of joy for you to see on every page!!! 
Because of this amazing compilation, that I plan to read and reread again... 
I want to give the gift of 'Joy' to one lucky friend!!! Leave a comment here, on Facebook, and on Instagram that depicts your joy.  Tag it with the hashtag #findjoyinthejourney. The first follower to do all three comments (blog, insta, and fb) with the hashtag will win a free Ebook copy of this amazing book!!!
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Let's be friends and share our joyful journeys together, after all the more joy the better, right???!!!! 


  1. I'm not on instagram and don't really want to be if I'm being honest. But it sounds like a great book. You've been sharing your journey and helping others too - just like your friend Erin inspired you. Kinda like paying it forward :). Thanks for the inspiration, friend! #findjoyinthejourney

  2. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Wow...you always have a way of making me re-focus...such an inspiration!