Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I have so many things to share here of late and not enough minutes in the day. Even with both boys in camp all day and being able to get a lot accomplished, I am still left looking at the clock wondering how it is 10:07pm and I still have 10 things I want to get done (blogging being at the top of the list)!! I want to upload all of our beach pics and vaca snapshots my skin is itching. I need to brag on my hubs and give a huge shout out to him that I am giddy with words pinging inside my brain. And I totally need to clean my office and do a before and after of it all... because it is hoarder city in there, let me tell ya you'd be amazed!!! Oh, and my laundry room redo that I am pretty sure I never posted about to begin with?!?! It's more than 80% done and no pics or posts!!!! 
I am a slacker but busier than ever, all at the same time (is that even possible)??!!!!
That being said...
This is what I choose to share tonight... 
Perspective. Being grace filled. Totally getting surprised by people, situations, and things I thought I had defined, detached from, and labeled. Funny how when you put things into your own little mentally wrapped box of judgement and definition, they jump out of it when your not looking and completely prove you wrong!!! 
Life and God is funny that way I have found. 
People will let you down, but as soon as you turn around another person lifts you up higher than you knew you could go.
Circumstances beyond your control seem to steer you in so many different directions you are dizzy, but as soon as you pause and focus your eyes for a second the real picture is painted so beautifully before you it takes your breath away.
Someone or something that you pegged to be one way allows you to see it's true self, and no matter the good or bad that has been shown to you, you know you are blessed because of it.
I have had a lot of mental roadblocks and detours in my life.
Whether is was about me or about someone around me, I let thoughts and preconceived notions do cartwheels in my head to the point it was hard to trust the good that was out there waiting to be seen. When I looked in the mirror I doubted. I tried to bend and twist myself until I saw something (someone) different. What I saw at the time wasn't good enough. You know how the side mirror on your car says, objects in mirror are closer than they appear... for me it was the opposite!! I was nowhere near close to who I wanted to be. Crazy to me the contortions I would go through to see myself a certain way, a way I thought I wanted to be. To look back at all the times I had walked away from or given up on a chance that I didn't think I deserved to be a part of, it is just maddening. And better yet, to think of all the situations I stayed rooted in because I thought that was as good as it got... beyond maddening!!!
What I see now is that no matter where I am looking, it's my perspective that matters. It's up to me to be open to the goodness, not the other way around! You aren't supposed to pray and twist and bend yourself hoping that in doing so goodness will be magically granted. 
It's there already, the goodness. 
The goodness in people, in life, in love, in family, in friendship. 
It's closer than it appears... no bending or twisting necessary!!!

We are all given Grace from above. Whether we ask for it, beg, plead or yearn for it... it's there. Whether we think we have it all mapped out and labeled up, what you see isn't always what you get, and that's the beauty of it. It wasn't until I let go and just opened myself to what was there all along that I realized how far off the mark I was!!! It's not up to me to label and to map. It's not meant for me to know all and feel as though I do or don't deserve something or someone. 
The Grace I am given covers all of that, not me!! 
Now when I look in the mirror I truly see what is in front of me and I am beyond thankful for the sight I see!

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  1. Amen...you have an amazing gift of writing. I love your perspective and you are always opening my eyes and taking down my roadblocks. Truly an inspiration in all aspects of your life to so many people around you! XOXO