Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Remember the Good

On days that the hours creep by and the minutes seem to hang, I remind myself to remember the days that flew by so fast that I couldn't remember where time went.
On days when my feet never stop moving and my legs are tired from laps around the house, I picture the moments my feet stood still and my legs were frozen in calm meditative stature enjoying the peace lapping at my boots.
When the days are filled with arguments and errands, temper tantrums and laundry, impatience and a sink full of dishes, I look back at when I didn't have to beg them to play, coax them to run around in harmony, or beg them to help me put away folded clothes. I glance forward and know that everything given, even dirty dishes and vacuuming, is a blessing.
When the weeks run together and we barely spend an hour as a family, I try to pray for patience and endurance to keep us moving together toward the next break where our days will loose time and our clocks will move along in relaxing seconds. A time when we get to spend every waking hour together as four rather than running around as four separate singles or in pairs and triples. 
Time spent together is never wasted and can't come often enough. Even though the hectic days out number the days spent exploring at a leisurely pace, I find reassurance in remembering. Recalling the good is like a mental break for me, a reminder that there is always something to look forward to. Remembering the good is how I get through the bad and push past the hard. When our boys tell me to quit taking pictures and ask me why they have to pose 10 hundreds times, I will show them this and hopefully they will see the love we have for each other. My constant prayer is for them to know how much they are loved. I yearn for them to know how looking back and remembering the good is what will pull them through the difficult times in their lives, and what will ultimately give them peace. 
Remember the Good in all that you do and all that you say, boys. 
Let it be your touchstone along the way....

Always - Abbey

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