Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting Fancy and In Another Life

Hey, hey, psssst... Heeeeeeey!!!! 
Look who got a fancy new look!!!!!! Me.... I did!!! Whooooop!!!! 
I took the plunge and decided to hire a 'for reals' blog designer, creator, mastermind, computer smart person to make my blog look, well... 
For REALS!!! 
Ahhhhh!!! I love it... so much so that I am giggling as I type!!!! This month marks my 2nd Anniversary of blogging. Starting this little 'link' to me has opened up a side of myself I never really knew was there! I am overjoyed with what typing this blog week after week for 2 years has done for my mindset, my confidence, and my complete being! I wish I could post every day. Maybe one day I will have the time to devote to more writing, but for now I love my weekly check 'ins'. I cherish the time this blog gives me to share with others and the time it allots for me to give back to myself with introspection and reflection!! 
I digress... {still giggling cause I love the new fancy look}
Today I had a couple weird recurring thoughts about what I would be like in another life. Not that I don't completely love my current life and all that I am blessed to be, have and do. But there are just things I come across that get me thinking.... yeah I shoulda been that!! Or, I could totally do that! Or, why didn't I do that like 15 years ago..??!?! Do you ever do that? I do....
For example... lately I have been on a planting streak! And by streak, I mean a total hot mess of planting goodness is happening in our backyard and front porch as I type!! Seeds I planted are sprouting, plants I forgot I planted last season are coming back, and don't even get me started on succulents!!! I. Am. Addicted!
As I planted like my millionth pot today, I thought... I could totally be a gardener or botanist, or start a garden and grow all sorts of nourishing goodies for my team every day!!!

Then... As I was wandering the isles of my all time fav grocery store {my other addiction, Aldi}, I filled my basket with all sorts of grocery scores and then proceeded to check out. Nothing out of the ordinary. I pull the cart over to my unloading spot {yes, I have a 'spot'} and started to bag all my items. At that moment a calmness came over me, as it often does as I bag my groceries! Does anyone else find neatly packing and sacking your goods just right a minor moment of peace? Well I do!!! 
I thought, I could so be a professional grocery bagger! I rock at organizing my bags! I pack them with such efficiency that I could like win a grocery bagging competition! Hello.... is this normal?? Are there even such things a grocery bagging competitions? If not, there needs to be. And if so... I would be a gold medalist!

So there you have it... a random glimpse into my brain on a mundane Monday! In another life maybe I was a old lady who had the best yard on the block and kept her neighbors stocked with tomatoes and thyme!? In my next life maybe I will win a blue ribbon for grocery shopping and bagging excellence?! It could happen...
But until then, I will gladly take another day in the life I currently have. 
I am perfectly placed and beautifully blessed!!!
Happy 2nd Year of Blogging...

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