Saturday, July 21, 2012

When all else fails... Spray Paint!

For over 2 years now we (I) have had the itch to move. Not that we don't love our house, it actually suits us just fine... BUT there are some minor changes that add up to big frustrations at times! And it is those frustations that have led us on many house hunts in the last 24+ months. We try, we look, we drive our favorite neighborhoods all the time, but nothing has seemed to fit or to work out, so we stay put! Gladly and contently sometimes, but anxious and begrudgingly at times, we stay put! So... what do you do when you have the itch to move and it doesn't happen time after time? There are only 2 things you can really do, in my opinion anyway...
Find small ways to increase your house happiness at your current location or sit in a grumpy mood in your current abode, stewing in your own frustrations... and the latter is no good for a person like me! I decided to get happy where I'm at and attack our current space with some redecorating flavor to add to my happiness levels!!! I did what any girl would do, I grabbed a couple bottles of spray paint and began to walk every inch of our house to find things to 'redo'!!! Normal, right?!!?
Here is what fell victim to my need to spray paint...
Lots 'o Brown.... what is up with that?!!? I think early on in my adult life I had a fear of color...?

That fear of color, or OCD need to have everything the same (drab) color is over!!! Call it a mid-life crisis of a girl who found her inner crafter about 3 years ago, or whatever... I need color!!! I lightly sanded all the wood items and dusted the metal objects. Past that I am too impatient to prep any further!!!
Let the spray painting begin.... 
(got a little chevron crafty with my living room table tray)

I got a little loopy with the yellow... 2 cans loopy!! All in all, I really liked how everything turned out! And thanks to the Texas heat I didn't have to wait very long for my stuff to dry! Just tossed it in the sun and a short hour later all items where ready to re-sand and add little antique touches too!!!
 (my fav piece out of the bunch)
Here are some before and after pics of the spray paint veterans before they went to paint war with me in my garage!!! 

The little subtle color touches around the house really helped up the happiness factor, for me at least! The boys and my hubby noticed but weren't overjoyed about the redo's... but they did notice, so that is a win in my book!!! 
Create happiness wherever you are, spray paint when necessary, and remember to wear your cruddy flip flops while working.. just a couple lessons learned this week!!! 

What sort of happiness are you creating around your casa these days???
Next up for me... real paint (more yellow) and my kitchen?!?!!

Always - Abbey