Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At Home

I wouldn't typically describe myself as a 'home-body'. I typically love to go out, be active, engulf myself in a crowd and soak up the bussle when ever I can. But lately I have been yearning for time at home. I can feel the tension from a day of running and gunning from activity to activity just melt away when I round the corner and pull onto our street. I look forward to dumping my stuff in the kitchen and milling around our house putting things away and tidying up a bit... sometimes I just walk around doing nothing cause I just love being at home!
I have been waking up early, even if only 5 minutes earlier than normal, to sneak in one extra moment on our back porch. I sit in the silence and take in the sounds of the birds enjoying an early morning snack. I have found solace in being productive with what I have and making the most of it, in the time I am given.
I just feel better when I am at home these days.  
Who knows why really!?! But I will take whatever happiness that is given to me, in what ever form it comes! I think that sometimes we wait around too much for other people or things to make us happy or content. I know I do! I place my value, my happiness and sense of worth in the view's of those around me and how they treat me. I think that if I had this, or lived here, or achieved this, I would be happy only then! But that isn't the case... if you aren't happy with your here and now, with what's right in front of you, no matter what people think... then happiness will elude you forever! 
I find myself taking extra time to look around, to say a quick prayer of thanks for what I have already been given! A quiet night on the front porch with a cool evening breeze (or hot, humid air... whichever)! A companion who, although she sheds like it's a new fad, loves me and is my shadow even when I don't realize it. Unexpected blooms from a plant you didn't know you bought or planted. All these things can bring happiness if you let them... if you are aware enough to realize they are gifts!

I know our lives will always be a constant state of ever changing motion. I can want things to be a certain way, but I don't have to let that own my mood! I can choose to love where we are and look forward to where we will be without an unhappy longing. It's as easy as that... I will take my happiness as it comes and make sure I am ready to appreciate each second because I know that is the only way to bring myself peace! No one person, or thing can give you happiness or peace! If you don't give it to yourself, you can't expect someone or something to give it to you! 
Set your own table for the life you want! You have every thing right in front of you... it's what you're planning to do with it that matters most!

Always - Abbey

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