Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A quick trip but not short on fun!

Sometimes the smallest of gatherings can be the best of times. Not all get togethers have to be filled with tons of people! I am usually more of a quantity over quality type of girl when it comes to most anything... shoes, purses, clothes... give me an Old Navy sale over a Bloomingdale's trip any day! 
But when it comes to people... that rationale just doesn't float! Quality over quantity wins out every time! You can't trade in the feeling you get after you spend quality time with someone who is a genuine person... there just isn't a price or volume that can match it! 
And that was what this weekend was... good times spent with good people, family and my loves!
The boys spent the first 2 days of our impromptu trip in OKC with their GG. Time with GG for the boys is like time in a play land... they get to do as they please, a kid's dream basically! They look forward to it, and are sad when it is over. Us parents feel the same way... we love the alone time it gives us, but love to see how much fun they are having! Again, quality time that is priceless for everyone involved! So, while the boys were at camp GG, the hubs and I took on the city of OKC in the form of as many date nights as we could muster up in 48 hours! We hit up local pizza pubs, walked the river, caught a movie, ate, drank, talked, laughed, almost had to jump in said river to escape an intruding rat (akkkkkk!)... basically we forgot we had kids for a while! 
Typical for parents of 2 boys under the age of 9!
For us, Oklahoma City is not only cool for it's downtown 'bricktown' area, but it is also cool because of the family we get to visit while there. They open their home to us, share their lives and kick back and relax with us like we were room mates! 
We say it every time we are there... 'we need to do this more... it's such a short trip... we love it here'! It's just that cool! I went for a solo walk around my sister-in-law's awesome, historic neighborhood the first morning we were there. I walked for over 2 hours, never running out of things to look at. I could stare at these houses for days, coming up with scenarios for what our lives would look like if we lived there, or better yet picturing the stories that these houses could tell if they could talk! Some of these beautiful structures have been homes to families since 1910! I am sure the families in them now probably thought I was some stalker casing the joint to later rob it or something... but I didn't care, I kept snapping pics every 2 steps!
Our gracious hosts allowed us to invade their routines and took me to some of the best shopping locales in the city (junking and antiquing... I am always in)! We may be different in many respects, but we share so many similarities it is not hard to tell we are family! That's the best part of these visits... we share, we are family when we are together, no matter what the past holds we always make the best of the time the present gives us!

All in all, the trip was more than fun! We celebrated birthdays, we embraced quiet time on the front porch, we snuggled the little ones and planned the next time we would all meet up!
Quality time with quality people... Priceless!
Always - Abbey

**all pictures were taken with my iphone and the Instagram app... find me @abbeylewis ; ))

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