Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Night Before Summer: Party of 4

The night set itself up perfectly... no plans, no soccer, no games, no nothing! 
So I took full advantage... picnic on the patio!

My goal, my motto, my want... whatever you want to call it, is to make special moments this summer! Create time when there is none, perfect the mundane, enhance our little family of four so that we all cherish each other a little bit more these next few months!

Here's what I did...
I quickly cleaned off the back patio table (which was disgustingly muddy and rusty)
Threw on a cute table cloth, set it with our 'best' picnic-ware, threw together some summery candles, cooked a simple dish, played a little serenade music... and Voila!
Dinner Party for Four... celebrating tomorrow's entrance into summer!!!

Over dinner we talked about what we were looking forward to most this summer... 
Here is our run down:
Dad: Going on our family trip to Chicago/St. Louis, and seeing our college friends/families
Big Boy: Seeing FC Dallas play San Jose, and playing with his bestie Josh
Mom: Sleeping in, taking it easy... and a summer surprise I'm working on for those 'bored' days!
Little Man: Going to Hawaiian Falls, having a brother's sleep over, and camping (?)
                                                            (Little Man mouwing some tilapia)
                       (Big Boy so serious when it comes to summer plans)

By the end of the grub down in the backyard, we were laughing, talking, enjoying each other's comments, joking, making plans... 
Momma's Mission Accomplished!!!

Secretly, I am plotting a sneak attack of family togetherness this summer... I want to cultivate a bond between our boys! There is one there, I know, but sometimes in the hustle of the day it gets shoved aside because of tired attitudes, selfish tendencies, and basic age differences! We are all guilty of it... I get busy on the computer while trying to simultaneously attempting to fold laundry, the hubs works like a madman all day and comes home beat, big boy wants his 'space', little man hasn't a clue what 'space' is... you get the picture! 
In the end, we are a normal family, short on time and patience sometimes, but long on love and caring... and I just want to make sure we don't forget that!!!
Here's to the start of a summer full of possibilities... and secret mom missions ;))

Always - Abbey


p.s.... check out big boy's camera action! I hardly ever get in the photos! 
Yea for mom documentation :)))

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