Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time Together

I have always been of the mentality that memories need to be of grand stature to be actually memorable. Maybe it comes from my large Italian family mentality? Let's face it even if only half of us get together it's a big 'to do'. Seriously though, I think that subtlety lost it's way with me early on and I didn't find it again until I had a family of my own. It's funny to me how God leads us to and from our own making to gain and grow, yet change and shift into a whole person along the way. For me that path really formed when I met my husband. Completely the yin to my yang, he slows me down when I speed up and gives the quiet to my chattering noise. Then when we had our boys that lesson came full circle as we continually watch each of them take on snippets of each of our own personas... One quiet and reserve, one endless moving and knowing no strangers.
The lessons we have learned from each other has not only challenged us but also brought us closer as a family, or a team as I like to call us. Because let's be honest, if we all had our way the 4 of us would go in opposite directions each day, we are vastly different that way. If we didn't work together to make our family life meaningful it just wouldn't magically happen. From quiet dinners to fun nights out... it all leaves an imprint on our family's heart. It's that give and take that allows that difference to mesh us tighter together as a team and a family.
We didn't go on any big vacas this summer or even make a bucket list like summers past.... We barely even left the metroplex!! But, looking back I know we made memories that will further our family bond, a bond that strengthens our team! And that's what matters. Life together needs to be celebrated in both big and small ways. Times that are full of movement and times where you just take a step back and chill, all of those moments can bring forth savored memories. 
I know God placed us 4 together for a reason. This summer has really brought that home for me. Each of us is a reminder to one another. We are that gentle nudge to go out and do more and the subtle pull back when we've over extended ourselves. That is our team all wrapped into one. Meaningful times don't have to be grandiose to be remembered. Little moments won't be forgotten as long as in those moments you are truly present with those God gave you. I need those reminders more than anything.... It's those reminders that fill my soul. And I thank the Lord I have 3 reminders that live this crazy, yet sometimes boring life with me!!

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