Sunday, September 28, 2014


I was raised to give more that I get. I was taught to put others first. I think or rather I pray at some point we were all led in the direction of putting others before ourselves. I know that isn't always the case in this day in age. Somehow, somewhere selfishness creeps into all of us. The want to put ourself first and to take before releasing or reaching toward others has become the norm in our lifestyle. Look out for number one... Take care of your own or no one else will. I think we all have that in us, selfishness to the point of disregard of others. What I've come to embrace, and even more so now after the week I had last week, was that even though we all have that tendency, it shouldn't define us.  It shouldn't be allowed to glorify us as a society or as a person. We can hold tight to what we are taught and be example of our upbringing any time we want, and it feels so amazing to do so. We can rise above any hurt or 'lack of' to give back and show grace and mercy more that we show pride and self-centered actions. In doing that, in giving first I have learned the heartfelt lesson that it provides so much more, more than any prideful boast or lofty accolade could do.
It fills your heart with a fullness that could never be found by solely caring for yourself only.
I had the honor of taking a Vision/Mission trip with my company to the Dominican Republic this past week. The vision was for us to see first hand the Child Survival Programs through Compassion International that we {Mary&Martha Consultants} sponsor. The mission was to open our hearts and eyes to the children and mothers at risk within some of the most rural and dangerous towns in the DR. Not only were are hearts opened, they were broken by what we saw. We wept for those who could not care for themselves, and reached out to the littlest of the little to share some form of compassion for what they've endured. But along the way we all realized it wasn't our sorrow they wanted or asked for, it was our smiles and love. Compassion in this amazing culture isn't pity, it's celebration. It's joyful pride in their community, their family. It is found in what they have and how far they have come, together... Not alone. They rejoice with one another and for one another, lifting each person up so that the community as a whole moves forward. We shared who we were together and found we weren't all that different from one another. We love our families. We adore a God who blesses us beyond measure. Ultimately I realized that we all want to connect, to share ourselves so that we are forever bonded in the compassion of God's love.
They taught me that...
Give and you will receive. Bless and you will be blessed. Show compassion and a deeper compassion  will grown within yourself that you never knew existed. Share and you will be shown love ten times over. I may be home now, but a part of my heart remains there amongst the mothers and babies because it belongs there. Just as a part of them now resides here with me, we have a bond.
True compassion doesn't stop. It does not need to be seen or even heard to have it grow. All that is needed is the love shared through our God to remain together, to keep compassion going.
{If anyone would like more information on how to partner with my Mary&Martha sisters to help fund a Child Survival Program, I'd be beyond happy to connect with you. Comment below.
I will get in touch.}

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