Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Thankful} Day 19 & 20

Days when we don't have to set an alarm clock.
Waking up and breathing in the time, instead of rushing thru it.
Lazy brothers.
 Fighting brothers.
 Laughing brothers.
Bored brothers.
I am Thankful for days with our boys, and I am Thankful for days without them.
I love that they follow me around, but I also adore seeing them entertain themselves.
Lunch dates with friends.
Screaming friends.
Fighting friends.
Friends who play.
Friends who smile immediately when they see us.
Knowing that the only place we have to be tonight is Home.
Cooking and the way it fills our house with the scent of us.
Thankful in the chaos and Thankful in the rest...

Always - Abbey

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