Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Obsession...

What got this whole blog thing in my head was the bazillion creative blogs out there, and I mean bazillion... it messes with my OCD tendencies like no other ;)) My all time fav is the page itself is so pleasing to the eyes, easy to read, and the content of her posts are so real life - and not to mention she is crazy talented!! So, I stalk her shamelessly! Out of this stalking I began to love all these 'flower pins/clips/headbands' that were on there (and on many other sites).  Well, of course I had to give them a try (like I need one more thing to add to my 'to do' list), plus I had a special nudge from my friend Julie to try to make them with her! I am not one to shy away from a challenge, believe me!! Pretty much all Julie and I do is pick at each other and taunt one another via text message all day every day.... and so the flower making started! Then the comparisons became fun and competitive (of course). After a while, we were lucky enough vacation together and the obsession officially started!
To date I have had the pleasure of giving many flowers to friends I adore, teachers I just love, and I have even sold a set (yeehaw, thanks Teresa)!!!!!!
So... here are some of my creations:
St. Patty's Day Flowers... Mostly for teachers but a couple sweet friends had surprises delivered to them that month!
A Spring Wreath... Made for MYSELF! heeheee...
One day I was feeling generous and gave these precious girls away on facebook! I was so pumped when people actually responded and wanted them!
Here are the last couple of projects and my first real customer order...
So there you have it... that is what I am obsessed with these days! If you know anyone that wants some or needs some cute accessories for themselves or their daughters... send them my way!!! I would love to make some for people who like them and share my crafty obsession with anyone that wants to join my craziness! (plus I am a lot cheaper than most who make them... shhhh!) Let me know what you think?

Last thought as I leave...
I am the Lord your God, who grasps your right hand.
Isaiah 41:13
Are your hands open for God's grasp? Or are they clinched in stress or burden of unrest? How often do we reach out our hands for help or to help others? I have to constantly remind myself that openness is a good thing, not something to be ashamed of or unsure of. Be a friend, take time to listen and share... you never know when someone is reaching out their hand or trying to grasp yours!
Always - Abbey


  1. YAY!! LOVE being your first customer and I am so excited to give these flower pins as gifts this Easter Weekend! You did a FANTASTIC Job and I know my sisters n law and mother n law will LOVE them....and MacKenzie likes showing off her headband, too!!

    I just love your final thought...thank YOU for being a true friend and always taking the time. What makes you such a blessing to me is I was looking for you and didn't even know it! Thanks again and lovin your new Blog...


  2. Love them. We sound like kindred spirits. I get myself into way TOO much and love to try anything we both have the same FAVE blog! I want to order a baby flower headband. She has a bright colored yellow dress that I think we be cute with a flower headband. I would like it on the stretchy fabric. Let me know what you are thinking!

  3. Thanks so much!!!! Lizabeth... I would love to make her one!!! I will get started asap!! I haven't had luck finding that stretchy stuff tho... which is no surprise because I am clueless when it comes to girl stuff, lol! Did you say you bought the stretchy part of that bow I saw at the last general meeting? If so let me know where you got it... thanks!!!