Sunday, June 30, 2013


24 days.
It's been 24 days since I last blogged.
I have no other excuse other than... 
We've been busy making memories. 
Running and walking as a family... 3 5K's on the books!
 We have been cheering and biting our nails with soccer excitement. 
Loving every minute of watching our boys grow in a sport that our family is beginning to adore.
 We welcomed friends who feel like family to the metroplex we love. 
We ran with every ounce of energy that we had to show these dear ones a good time... 
And came out with a weekend chalked full of memories!
 We settled into summer with wish-lists and to-dos galore! 
On the summer time horizon... 
Learning to blow a bubble.
 Meeting up with friends.
 Annnnd maybe constructing a tent city that will be the envy of the block!!
And lastly... 
I have been watching closely, arguing with, tip-toeing around, loving on, keeping up with, and wrestling these two boys to avoid the summer swear word... 
Laughing while one brother head-locks the other brother under the water sprayer... 
No signs of boredom around here!!!

On my summer list of wishes...
Blog More (if you hadn't already guessed)
Keep up reading (on book 4 of the summer)
Enjoy our boys (head-locks and all)

Cheers to Summer 2013

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