Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Remember Who You Are

With 'back to school' the buzz word these days and it getting hashtagged like crazy all over the internet {by myself included}, I can't help but get caught up in the prep and frenzy that a new school year brings! 
We have done our school shopping. We have surprisingly made it through more of our summer list than I had hoped we would {only a few more boxes to check off}. We can see the school light headed our way like a fast freight train barreling down the tracks emitting steam as it gets closer and closer! 
I am drawn to obsessing over reading the various blogs about back to school decorating, celebrating and my most favorite... back to school praying!! 
Because believe me I have been praying...
I pray for the teachers who have taught our boys and those that will.
I pray for those kiddos heading back to school without a momma or a daddy this year.
I pray for all the administration staff and support staff that will make an impact on our boy's and so many other student's lives this year.
I pray for all the kiddos who are moving onto a 'bigger' school when all they really want inside is to stay small and comfortable and safe, but on the outside they show a strong front and a confident smile.
I pray for all the new Kinder Mommas and the smiles, cheers, and inevitably the tears that will be shed this year {Mine included}!
I just Pray.... Nonstop {obsessing doesn't begin to describe me}!!
That's all that helps calm my nerves and add hope to my fears.
Praying and giving thanks for what we have and asking for Him to bless all that will head our way this school year.

Remember Who You Are...
It's my Momma Mantra these days!
I can't remember exactly when first stumbled upon the saying, I think it was on this blog from Jones Design Company? It spoke volumes to me and I twisted and molded it into what it is today. My motto, my hope, my whisper of a prayer as a mom of two precious boys. I say it to them when we go places, when they leave my side even if it's for a quick trip around the block. I blurt it out when we are about to tackle a new challenge or when they've {or I} have made a mistake. And it will be my words to them as they head off to school this year. But honestly, it will be my silent prayer to myself as I walk away from them, which when looking on seems hardest for them, but truthfully is oh so hard on me as a Mom too!! I am leaving them to a new year ahead, a new set of experiences and chances to grow on their own....
So I pray...

Remember Who You Are...
You are loved.
You are chosen to be a child of God, always and forever.
You are my heart and my soul.
You are precious no matter what anyone says.
You have gifts, don't ever forget that.
You are kind and gentle, but also grandly strong and powerful.
You are part of something and part of me indefinitely.
You have character and a spirit given only to you.
You are inherently good and giving.
You will always have a place to come to, in good times and more importantly in bad.
You have choices and joy is always one of them!
You represent our family, be proud of that.
You are mine, but you are you first and foremost... 
Remember who YOU are!

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