Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fun: Beware of Chickens

 Here lately I have found a fond affection with chickens.
Yes, you read that correctly... chickens!!!!
Random... yes. 
Silly... most definitely!!!!
I have {for a while now} loved birds... red birds to be exact {long story for another blog}, but now that love has moved on to include chickens.... and if I am being completely honest, roosters too!!!
But I digress...
Last weekend I found myself with an hour to spare and a beautifully cool morning, so I decided to redecorate my front porch. Decorate your porch, you say??? Who does that...??? 
Chickens where my inspiration... as you can see!!!!
My front porch is one of my favorite spots in our whole house. I love pulling into the garage and catching a glimpse of it. I adore sitting outside on the porch swing and watching our boys play in the yard/street {its a relatively safe street, and I am out there... so don't panic}! And I love love love potting plants and decorating my front porch! I am quite sure that I am an old granny in the making, who wears ripped jeans, funny hats and spends all day planting and sitting on her porch.... 
And I couldn't be happier about it!!!!
{Couldn't redecorate without having a red bird hanging with the chickens!}

Most of the stuff I used while redecorating I already had, just not on my porch. I am finding that redecorating doesn't have to be expensive if you just look around at what you already have and then find another fun spot for it in your home {or on your porch}! The old wooden file drawers are from a flea market purchase over a year ago. I have always had plants in them, but this go around I moved them from a back corner of the porch to opposite ends of the front porch and traded out the plants. The brown serving tray used to be in our kitchen. We needed something more functional in there so instead of tossing it or selling it, I moved it to the porch!!! Those bright striped rugs... hello garage sale purchase for $2!!! I didn't really need 2 of them but they were a dollar each, come on!!! I used one at the front door and then I draped the other one over the swing and voila... burst of color that you can see from the street as you drive up!!!!! 
My favorite part of the whole porch right now is the metal door hanger... 
I found it at an antique store on our trip to San Antonio this summer!!! I couldn't pass it up!! I plan on adding some flowers {fake probably} to the inside!!!!
So, there you have it... my quick and inexpensive porch redo!! 
Chickens {and silly boys who like to jump in pictures} and all...
Maybe I need to start collecting silly gooses so this little man will have friends to play with... 
{And won't photo bomb Every. Picture. I. Take}!!!!!!!!!

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