Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daydreaming... Port A Style

Surprise... Surprise... I never posted about our trip to the Beach! 
I vaca nested and blogged about it, but (true to form) never got to post the 'actual' vacation... story of my life!!! Always prepping and planning and forever documenting with pictures while we are there, but busily moving onto next adventure (aka chores, or work, or soccer practice) as soon as we get home and neglecting the fun of sharing!!!
Hello... My name is Abbey and I am over-scheduling, procrastinating perfectionist!!!
Moving on...
We had a blast!
I loved being there!!!
We needed more time!
I have daydream about memories made there every day since we got home!
We can't wait to go back!!!
We rented a little condo called the Shell House and shared it with friends that feel like family... that always makes a vaca so much sweeter (in my opinion). The Shell House fits our families to a T. The perfect combination of comfort and accessibility...
 All wrapped into a sweet yellow house!
The house, although not on the beach, has a pool (which I highly recommend)!! All our kids love it and so do all the adults!! It gives them something to do while we cook, chill and partake in beverages... Ok... Ok... Beer and Bloody Mary's!
 But seriously... The pool... Fun for hours... For all ages!!!!
Now onto the good stuff... 
The Beach!!!
It's a slice of heaven on earth. 
The kids play for hours without a single whine or argument.
The Dads act like kids trying to boogie board!
The Moms soak up the sunshine and quiet time without having to tie a shoe, carpool from here to there, or hear the words 'Moooommm I boooorrred'!!!!
For our Team of 4 (plus 1 sweet friend this year) it was a great get-away. 
Even though (unknowingly) we shorted ourselves a day this year...
We still made the best of the time we had!! 
Fathers and sons shared stories over bags of chips.
Friends buried each other in the sand so many times we lost count.
Husbands and wives took advantage of sandy salty hugs as much as possible.
Oh my, were memories made...
It's written all over these faces...

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