Saturday, July 7, 2012

Instagram Obsessed

It is no secret that I love pictures... 
They are overloaded on my blog, my facebook and on the walls of my house! Pure and simple, pictures are life's story thru images. They capture the good, the bad and all the in between... and I adore every single snapshot!!! So with that said, I stumbled across Instagram on my iphone a few months ago! For me, it is like a new toy at Christmas... even if it has been out for ages! I love the quick capture it gives you, the fun editing options, and how you can follow alongside the lives of those you love and adore by seeing their precious images every second of the day!
Here are some of my pics... 

Follow me, let me follow you... and let's let the pictures do the talking!!!

Always - Abbey


  1. I wish I could time warp to 2012 and get a big girl phone and not a phone from the 80's. I still have a flip phone. The boy in the drive threw yelled out REALLY LOUD "IS THAT YOUR PHONE" Like I had a dinosaur in the car! He said My DAD had one of those once. WHAT? MY DAD!?!?! I can open in and stick it in my bra strap though and drive with it hands free here in L.A. and not brake the law! Take that drive through boy! OHHHHHH but how I want this new fandangled instagram with it's old timey looking pictures and the following and the what not. Sigh. I may have to break down and join the rest of the world and just do it! :)

    1. Suz.... Leap into the millennium with me!!! Your life will forever be changed, and by that I mean you will forever be playing with your iPhone! ;))) Love your comment... U always give me a giggle!