Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dream it... Create it!

Lately I have been daydreaming of beach naps, ocean serenades, sandy toes, breeze filled laughter, long, lazy days of no plans and no where to be! I have been craving the beach!!!! I know we just got back from a vacation... but relaxing is not really a word I would use to describe our 10+ day journey thru 2 states, multiple visits with friends, sight seeing, and minute to minute movement! It was a great trip, don't get me wrong... but it was not a trip that breathed relaxation or rejuvenating peace! I think vacas come in all shapes and sizes... some fast paced and a frenzy of excitement, some moving at a snail's pace and lack-a-dazical by choice! 

Both great... both are purposeful... and all of the above are fun vacations, in their own right! 

Moving on to my point... 
I want lazy! I want beautifully quiet water, warm sand, and never ending, soothing breezes! I want to go to the BEACH!!! Our boys have never truly been to a 'real' beach! Our big boy got to play in the dirt of Galveston Beach when he was 3, and he barely remembers it! And I don't consider that a beach because the sand was more like mud and the water was yucky! It was great while we were there and we talk about it fondly... but still... I want to go to a REAL BEACH!! So, for now... I am creating that which I want, here at our house!!! There is nothing like homey touches that help take you mentally to a place you long for! Here are some of my summer decor details that make me smile...
Even though these mementos from past vacations are precious to me, they unfortunately only make me smile for a bit before I start to want more!! So... I made more!!! Front and center in our entry way...
Last week as I was walking our dog early in the morning, a sweet older lady was putting out her trash and there she piled these awesome old, worn fence pickets! I couldn't pass them up!!! So, with the dog in tow... I hauled 4 planks back to my front porch and that's where the idea hit me!!! I want a beach sign!!!!! If I can't go to the beach right now, I will at least have a sign pointing the way, keeping my spirits up until I can get there for real!!!
Here's how I created what I dreamed...
1. Ask politely to snag old wood planks from a neighbor's trash.
2. Bribe additional neighbor to cut planks into 3rds with adult beverages and fellowship on their lawn one night.
3. Glue planks together.. I did 3 for this sign but may do more or less for other projects?!
4. Paint wording on sign. I did it free hand because I wanted it to look imperfect and worn...
5. Let it dry and then add details to give the sign the look you want. For me, I wanted it to look old, broken... basically like it had been swaying in the breeze and salt water filled air for years!!
6. I actually lightly spray painted it a bit with Krylon 'blue ocean breeze"to make it look extra weathered!
7. Wrap wire around sides to connect in the middle for make-shift hanger.
8. Hang, then embellish with 'beachy' items and ENJOY!!!

Just this one, simple, and basically free DIY project, makes me smile and contently dream of heading to the beach! Each time I walk by, I am immediately whisked away to a place of peace and non-stop smiles... and I didn't even have to walk out of my front door!!!

Happy DIY dreaming!

Always - Abbey


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