Friday, July 27, 2012

Days at Home

There are some days where I can't get out of the house quick enough! I lurch for the garage door button and smile as I pull away with the windows down and the radio up!! Here lately tho, I have been enjoying long days at home, staying in pjs and seeing the boys somewhat enjoy each other! The moments are quick, fleeting and often followed by choking matches... but they are there!! And I try to savor each one of them, if nothing else but to have in my memory bank when I am yelling for the bazillionth time... 
I do adore when they are sweet and actually show signs that they are related... other than the obvious sign that I birthed them both and know they came from the Hubs and I!! Brotherly love is so tricky and volatile at times... pulsed with testosterone and physical excitement! Sometimes it gets the better of them, I know this... but I still get that eye twitch sometimes when I feel like all I do is referee and try to play mediator 10 out of the 12 hours they are together!!! Being at home is a refuge for us! We get time to be ourselves and relax and just be! Often times it is well received but then again, it is also something a few of us don't do well... that whole relaxation thing just isn't within our little man! 
He is all movement, all the time!!!
Balancing him and our other, 'I'd rather play by myself all day, sit and watch TV for hours, quiet, pensive, creative, deep' older child can be challenging! But if we didn't have that yin and yang within our boys I think we would be sorely missing out on the goodness that is us! They are equal parts me and equal parts my hubby! 
Through and through, we see it every day!
Nothing brings the happiness of home and the fact that we need to relish in the good, the bad, and even the choking episodes more into light, than when one of your littles isn't feeling well! I will trade a 100 wrestling matches and dirty toy rooms for a sick boy, any day!!! When our big boy was down for the count earlier this week I would have done anything to make it better for him!! It's part of being a Momma that just grows inside you as soon as they start growing inside you too! Watching them feel yucky is just not something that sits well with you as a Mom! And when you go thru a day of sick you appreciate home too, just in a way that is different than when the boys are running around playing, fighting or whatever!! You are thankful for the safe haven it gives you to help bring recovery and balance again! You are thankful for the rest it brings and the familiarity it lends when you need it most!!
Days at home are my favorite... even with sickness, I am thankful for the time at home I get with our boys! I know I will blink and they will be gone. But for now I will take the messes, the arguing, the hugs, the choking, the kisses, the sick stomachs, the loud laughter, the constant need to run and kick balls in the house!!! 
I will take it all in stride and enjoy every day we have at Home!

Always - Abbey

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