Friday, July 27, 2012

Instagram it is...

I have found a new blog to stalk....Life Rearranged
A lot of blogs are witty, funny, real and make you feel like you are chatting with a friend... 
This blog is all of that plus she likes Instagram!!! 
I will follow her and link up to her Insta-Friday posts :)))

Here's our week recap...
 *'Jacob! After breakfast, I'm going to be a robber!! -Matthew'
 *My grocery shopping entourage!
 *BHG mag makes me happy!!!
 *Lunch date with my dad...
 *USA woman's soccer game... Gooooaall!!!!
 *If you watch soccer, you gotta play soccer, right??
 *Drawing his goalie box. Serious stuff!
 *Preschool application fill out time... got a little giggle from my honest answers!
 *Planning a lil somethin somethin to end summer with a bang!
*Friday morning artwork

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Always - Abbey

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  1. Great pictures! Love the first one!!! Boys are such fun!