Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of...
Day 30... 
It may be the last 'official' day, but my thankfulness won't end here! It can't when you live by grace! My life isn't perfect by any means... I mean, who's is really?? Perfection within one's life is just what you create on your own, within your own heart. My life is perfect, to me and for me... and I will continue to be thankful for it until my days come to an end!!
Here are some quotes that I love.... I am going to keep them close in the months to come to remind me of this 30 Days of Thankful blogging!! Doing this has been so fun and reenergizing for me!!
 It may just become a yearly tradition.
Without knowing that grace is gift given at all times, thankfulness just doesn't happen!!!
When I lose sight of all the blessings and mercy that is given to me on a daily basis (and it happens often I am sad to say), this quote helps!! I try to say it as I lay down each night... :)
You can never be too Thankful!!!

Always - Abbey

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