Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of 
Day 5... Random Thankfulness
: Thankful for warm slippers
:Thankful for text messages from friends
:Thankful for a good burger
:Thankful for snuggles on the couch
:Thankful for peaceful days while boys are in school
:Thanful for hot glue, cause it makes up for my lack of sewing abilities
:Thankful for music that takes me away and makes me sing ridiciously loud in the car
:Thankful for front porches
:Thankful for warm tea in the morning before anyone is out of bed
:Thankful for new shoes
:Thankful for being the only girl in a house of boys
:Thankful for the smell of a fire burning
:Thankful for movies and quoting movies
:Thankful for cold grapes that crunch in your mouth when you bite into them
:Thankful for the scent of a candle burning
:Thankful for long pour of wine after a long day

So many things to be thankful for :)))

Always - Abbey

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