Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of 

Day 3... Today I am thankful for the ability and stregnth God has given me! I love that I lead an active and healthy life. I am super thankful for the physical abilities God has blessed me with. I could not have gotten where I am today without his grace and guidance! I know first hand from a health scare 3 years ago how hard it is to function and be a healthy, happy person when your health is not cooperating! I am beyond thankful that my situation was just a scare and not a permanent situation!!

I have always been an athlete, playing all kinds of sports since the age of 5. So... as an adult I was naturally drawn to the group excercise formats because working as a team comes natural, AND I do waaaay better with others around to motivate me!!! And after years of wondering if I could, thinking I might, and then daring to try it out.. I got nationally certified as a group exercise instructor!! 
And I LOVE it!!!!! 
These girls here (and a couple not in the photo) keep me on my toes daily and drive me to do better and bring more to class every week!!!
I am so thankful for them!!!

Always - Abbey


  1. Thankful for you too friend;) You are WONDERFUL at what you do! Such a good motivator!

  2. ^ was me btw....(Jessica)....not "unknown" :)

  3. Thanks girlie!!! I am so thankful we crossed workout paths.. you and your workout awesomeness are motivation for me!!!!!!!