Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of...
Day 14...
Last night I was in bed by 8:35pm... even tho I was reading, I was still in my pjs with my teeth brushed enjoying the comfy warmth and security of my bed!! I love to sleep and am so thankful that I have some place safe to do it!!
There is something sweet and pure in sleep that fills my heart, plus sleep is just good for you! You can sleep off a sickness, a headache, a hangover ;), a bad mood, a bad day... you name it and I think a nap can help make it better! In college, my friends and I would take epic naps!! In fact, we would often schedule our classes around naps and General Hospital... ahh the good ole' days when all the worries we had were what time GH came on and if it interfered with nap and/or meeting for lunch!! 
Now that I am older, sleep doesn't come as easy! I guess maybe stress, life, being a mommy, etc can take over and interrupt a restful night! But none the less, when I can get it I will take a nap any day!!!
I love watching our boys sleep... their precious faces, the sounds of their breaths in and out just make me pause and say a prayer of thanks! And the quiet that comes when they sleep is beyond peaceful ;)) I soak up every second!!
So today, I am thankful for slumber, sweet sleep... whenever I can get it or enjoy it thru my precious babies as they rest, sleep is something I give thanks for!!

Always - Abbey

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