Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unanswered Prayers..

When I say the two words Unanswered Prayers... what comes to your mind!? For me, the first thing that jumps in my head is the song by Garth Brooks and then my mind can wander back to like 7th grade when I got his cassette tape (yes I said it, cassette tape) at Christmas time! Ha!! But that's not where I'm going with this post ;) We can talk 80's country another time...!!!

Second, my mind thinks back to all of the bazillion prayers I have sent up over my life. How I would think that if my prayers weren't answered how I sent them up the world was ending and I would just get angry, frustrated at God even! And I would ask why, why God!? Don't You love me, don't You want me to be happy!!? Have I not been good enough to earn more goodness?
But as you can tell, especially from the words of the illustrious Mr. Brooks... Unanswered Prayers aren't and shouldn't be given a bad rap! With time God's plan will unfold, some of the details you may never see or get the privilege to fully understand... but ultimately the plan isn't for you to direct!

Over the past couple of weeks there have been things that have present themselves in my life, and in the life of my family that have truly made me ponder the words Unanswered Prayers more than normal. Nothing bad, nothing big or devastating... but little things that make you look at the big picture of your life and realize things are not in your control and will never be no matter how many prayers you say. Instances that make you think... what if we had taken a different road, chose a different choice? All I can do is smile, look up and be thankful. Thankful for all of the bazillion things that I prayed for that weren't answered, that weren't granted! Because if they had been I may not be who I am today, living the blessed life I am, with the husband I am proud to call my own, with the sweet boys who love us without measure!

I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason and that God places you exactly where you are supposed to be. I no longer look to my prayers as "must haves"... I look at them as "could haves"! I do this because I know that if God doesn't open one door, he opens a window for you to look out that will show you what direction you should be looking! And before you know it and sometimes without realizing you are in front of the biggest door you never knew you wanted open!

So.... that's all... go ponder all the prayers that you wanted that went unanswered! You may reflect back on some of them and say a HUGE thank you or a quiet WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! No matter how you feel when you look back.... I know one thing for sure,  I bet you will be singing that song the rest of the day! LOL :)

Always - Abbey


  1. poo, boo. stink. butt. sweaty. crap. I didn't have time to get on and read today. I have to shower, clean, airbrush, clean, laundry, cook dinner, and so many other things. BUT for whatever reason as I tried to click the red dot to close out the window my hand went to your blog instead! OF COURSE ONCE AGAIN I HAD TO HEAR THIS!!!!! Angry feelings and all the potty talk I said in the beginning! I HATE not being in control! I HATE not getting what I want when I want iT!!!! SO I am going to go FLOP on my bed and sing some Garth at the top of my lungs to God. I am not angry. Just humbled. I hate being humbled. I love you!

  2. and I love your dumb inspired blogging!

  3. Hey! I may have to try the wreath!! CUTE! How do you know Suzy J? Love those Jeffords!! Small world.

    Jamie Topp

  4. Suzy...You crack me up!!! Not sure how to take your comments but I am going with good cause no matter what I am glad for one you read my blog, and for two that you are who you are and are my friend ;)))
    Jamie... I met Suzy at the YMCA many moons ago, when our kids were just babies ;))) If you do try the wreath let me know cause I want to see it!!!