Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

I love the change of seasons... any season change! There is nothing better than the change from days upon days of hot temps to a shift and then crisp freshness in the air, the smell of the breeze! Then back to the hot sun on your face, the wind in your hair... all of it! It brings a sense of pureness and renewal to my soul!
One of the my favorite things to do is go out on a warm spring Sunday afternoon and work in the yard! Plant new potted plants for our front porch, add new pieces to our flower beds! And we did just that yesterday...
We all piled in the car and headed to Lowe's! Me with my notes from Better Homes, Shane with his count for mulch bags, and the boys with their snack baggies!!! So fun...
Here are the finished products

The frog isn't new but he is one of my favorite little things in our front flower beds!

I of course could not have done this without the hand of my little helper...
At first I was just going to let him make a mucky mess... it kept him satisfied for about an hour (which is a huge success)!!! But then he was so into it I decided to give him some wildflower seeds to plant! He loved it!!! He had so many questions, it was too cute! "Mommy, can we stare at them until they grow?" So sweet, so innocent and pure... just like the change of seasons!!!

Stay tuned to see if the wildflowers grow :))))
Always - Abbey


  1. I always can't wait for the next season which consequentially means that I am usually over the season that is ending. I cannot pick a fave season because I love that each season promises lots of fun different activities that can only be experienced in that season. Your plants look great!

  2. I love season changes too, Abbey! Your pots are gorgeous!