Monday, July 14, 2014

Manic Monday

I was reminded by a sweet friend that all too often we only post/share/see 'the good' in pictures on social media. 
I agree. 
Yet... I don't want to. 
With every good comes a bad, either way before the good occurs or shortly there after. 
And bad doesn't have to mean disaster or despair... it can or it could just simply mean, not good.
Without the overflowing of dishes and stinky smell of garbage needing to be taken out, there wouldn't have been the fun night before with neighbors gathered around my kitchen table laughing and joking with one another. And without the giant mound of dishes still sitting there the next day I wouldn't have enjoyed the clean counter that next morning after the boys and I cleaned, loaded dishes, and straightened up the kitchen together.
With bad comes the good.
With the good there may be some bad....
But if you don't take them both in, you can't feel the joy that comes after the pain or grow from the struggle that leads to ultimate happiness.

Deep thoughts... brought on by dishes and a sweet friend's words.
That's me in a nutshell on a Manic Monday Morning!!

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