Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Lately

Lately things have found a peaceful rhythm. The days have opened their arms to new routines and we are all settling into the pace of life with a 4th grader and Kindergardener. I like the changes that come from season to season and the schedule shift it brings to our lives. We don't all jump for joy over it immediately but once we do find our way, I love the nuggets of time that assure me we are going to be just fine in this new chapter of our lives. I can be an acutely aware person who overly plans her days {I have 3 written calendars and one on my phone... plan much?!} Yet honestly, I can admit the constant laying out and listing of my day to day and week to week does take it's toll on me!!! Most of the time it brings calm awareness but it also adds more pressure to myself at times. So in setting the lists aside I am focusing on what I can see around me, not what's listed on my calendar. Here lately I have seen more moments of stillness than moments of movement. Lately I have found gaps of quiet nothing and times of unexpected freeness in our days. It pays to set aside my list of things I need to get done, it allows my eyes to focus on what's real and what's important...
Lately I have been soaking in the boy's crazy infectious spirits. We have taken bike rides, sat on porches with neighbors and kicked our feet up on the couch with the windows open and no where to be more times than I can count! My lately has been peaceful. I know that it will all get done, and if it doesn't it wasn't meant to be. The shift from day to day has been easy and calming. The days are still full and the boy's are still wild and crazy... But lately my mind hasn't followed suit. We are learning and loving through the stressful times, and allowing ourselves the opportunity to say... 'Oh, I'm sorry that was my bad. Let me make it up to you.' Lately the boys are keeping the peace but also testing their brotherly boundaries. They are dipping their toes into being 'big boys' rather than little kids. They push our buttons and try our patience but also remind us that ultimately we are all still imperfectly making progress. Parenting is a full time job but lately the pay off is way more fulfilling than any career I could imagine!
As the days roll on and hours continue to tick away, I know it won't always be as easy to cuddle up at home and have no plans to run after. But for now, my lately is just what I need it to be, full of the people I love and time given at a pace I can handle.

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