Thursday, April 19, 2012

1 year

It's been exactly one year since I Put It Out There with my first step into the blog world! 
I was nervous, unsure, excited, and oblivious to what I was actually getting myself into! Needless to say, all of my apprehensions were squashed the minute I hit 'Publish Post' and have been continued to be diminished with every post I put up... mainly because of the love I have felt from friends, family, and strangers who have read my words, looked at my creativity and smiled back giving me a thumbs up while imparting kind words that I will carry in my heart forever! 
My only hope when starting this blog was to have a place to consistently put my thoughts down so that I could reflect back and grow individually! Well... I got that times a zillion! I made new friends, connected with old ones, opened up more than I ever thought I could... and even looked back with astonishment as to how much of my own crazy self I actually shared!!! I am so glad I took this step...

Looking forward... I plan to blog more, print and bind my past year so that I can have it forever and share it with our boys! I want them to have a piece of me, something they can read thru and see me as someone other than "Mom"! Here's to another year of sharing...

Always - Abbey

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