Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Truths on a Friday

 Truth #1
If there were a 'locks of love' for dogs in need of hair, our dog could donate daily.
For real... the shedding is stupid fast.
 Truth #2
Sweet spoon messages totally encourage me to literally and figuratively refill my cup. 
 Truth #3
If you give me a fun shirt, you will get a stank-face selfie texted to you in return.
It's just how I roll, can't help it!
 Truth #4
When your soon to be 11 year old decids he wants to wear contacts and gets a new haircut, he will look like a teenager whether you approve it or not. And you will be sad and proud and sad again within 2.5 minutes of taking his picture.
 Truth #5
When boredom sets in and you are trying to get chores done, if your kid wants to spray paint... 
Let him. 
This pic right here was an hour's worth of him not asking me to throw a ball to him, watch him ride his scooter for the 100th time, or hear him say 'I'm bored'.

What are your Five Truths for this Friday?

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