Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five Truths on a Friday

Truth #1
Sometimes I save empty gift cards when they are cute, especially when they have birds on them. Will I refill it or even remember I have it? Probably not. But in the moment it makes me happy.

 Truth #2
If you plate fruit and veggies in a fancy way they will get eaten faster and at higher quantities by boys who don't normally fight for the first grape or last carrot. Plus they make a not so fancy BLT dinner uber fun!

 Truth #3
Sometimes kids teach you more than you could ever dream of teaching them. This big boy holds my heart and forces me to learn and grow every day.

 Truth #4
The love/hate relationship between these two should be documents on a wall calendar and hung somewhere for all to see and smile and shake their heads at.

Truth #5
My dearest friend and I have an on going war of the rooster competition going on via text. We may go to the grave with a house full of endless knick knacks in the form of roosters but we will die happy... 
{And I will die the Rooster Champ}!!!!

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