Thursday, November 22, 2012

{Thankful} Day 22

Today is 'the' Day.
A day of Thanks...
In my heart I yearn to be Thankful at all times, thru all things.
I know I fall short... 
But I also know sometimes, I rock out gratitude like no other!
To be thankful is to know you have enough. 
To give gratitude when you have nothing else left to give.
To put yourself aside, knowing that you will get more in return by being selfless.
So many people have given that to me throughout my life.
So many people have taught me thru good and bad times, to just be me.
I am Thankful.
Today I will sit contently, listen longer, hold dear, and soak up my family.
I hope everyone has a little bit of that today and always.

Always - Abbey

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