Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ode to Halloween

I am a sucker for anything decorative. I will sit and stare at Pinterest for longer than I would like to admit. I secretly sneak into the bathroom to look at my BH&G Magazines over and over again. I rip out pages I like and keep them in a hidden binder that I plan to use when we win the lottery and I can remodel the house of our dreams!! Needless to say, I take full advantage of the change in seasons or the coming and going of monthly holidays to spruce up our digs... To quote my hubs this month 'I made it look like a pumpkin puked orange all over our house!!' Either way, it makes me happy and walking around your house should make you happy!!
Here's my Ode to Halloween or Pumpkin Puke Decor (depending who you ask)...
** A Little Mantle Redo**
  **Love me some same costume, 4 years apart, pics**
**Entry way redo, and more cute boy's showing off their costumes**
**Fun Halloween toy tray in the kitchen for the boys to get into**
 **More costume cuteness**
**Lastly, our front porch**

Here is my holiday, seasonal decorating advice:
Don't just take pictures and leave them on the computer, print them and frame them for each season!! The memories are amazing to see every day! Don't just oooo and awww over someone else's home decor, create your own! You'd be surprised how much more cozy it makes your house! And for Pete's sake.. don't just celebrate the holiday on the day of the holiday!! Take advantage of enjoying the season all month long... Your kids will love it, your hubby will 'learn' to love it, and most of all YOU will so love it!!!!

Always - Abbey

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