Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My summer prayer... take one!

Lord help me...
 But today starts this boy's summer break! Today was his last day of preschool...
I thought it would be wise to start off his summer with a prayer!!
 Because with this little man's active spirit, inquisitive nature, and his uncanny ability to never stop moving... we are all going to need a little extra help from above ;))

Dear Lord,
I know this summer may be long and HOT, but help us to remember to cuddle on the couch and play hide & seek as often as possible...

Remind us that when the walls are closing in, and boredom takes over... go outside and fight off the heat with guns blazing!!

I know God that summer can get long and I may lose my stamina to keep up with this sweet little boy, but show me the fun in a backyard soccer challenge...

Lead me toward patience and kindness when I am trying to fold 21 loads of laundry and all I can see from the laundry room door is this precious body, yelling out...
 'Come On MOM, one MORE!!!'

Help me, oh God, to remember that no matter how many questions he asks, how many times he wants to help... only to make a bigger mess than I started with, he is a beautiful gift! 
This little boy is full of your spirit, your grace... and even though he may be smelly, sweaty, and dirty every morning by 10am... AND leaves too many pairs of socks in the yard to count, he is a treasure to enjoy each AND every day!

Amen!!! ;)

Always - Abbey

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