Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Family 5K

Last weekend we decided to add to the madness of soccer, first communion, family in town... 
and we threw in a Family 5K!

The boys have been asking to do one since their cousin and friends have done them before. I am all for packing in as much fun as you can to a weekend... and with sweet family moments along the way, who cares about getting up early, rushing from event to event or missing couch time?!

Our plan (or at least the plan in my head) was to start off with a bang, for photo opts of course, but then walk most of it because we had the little man with us and both boys had soccer games right after! Man... I could not have been more wrong!!! Our family, including and mostly the little guy came to RUN!

There is one thing our family of four is learning as we grow together... we come by competitiveness naturally and the drive to compete is just part of who we are! Who knows why or how or when but we enjoy being active and we love a good sporting event!!
With that said, we know that being competitive is a fact for our big boy...  sometimes we have to reign him in when it comes to playing sports, wanting to compete and his intense drive for being the best! But, our little man is a bit more laid back and easy going... we are just getting into sports with him and thought he wouldn't be as driven, I mean he is only four!! Well... he proved us wrong!!! The little guy was not messing around with this 5K!! He had winning on the brain and there was no looking back and absolutely no walking!!!!

Because of my (failed) mental plan.. I had brought along our fully packed backpack, that I graciously gave to my hubby to carry! Needless to say, he was not thrilled that we ran most of the race...
He was a trooper... 
To quote 'running like he was at basic training with a loaded pack and all'!!!

There was laughter, sweat, eventually some walking, but lots of smiles!
As the little man sprinted off with his Aunt, we stayed back with our big guy! He is not a professed long distance kinda guy! He is quick, and all short term bursts but no long distance legs. 
(must be why he plays up front in soccer) ;) 
Either way, he gladly walked with his dad and I! I had been the camera girl most of the race, but wanted some sort of documentation of my efforts... so I passed the camera to the hubs and proclaimed, 'let's pretend we are running'!!!
It wasn't met with excitement, and didn't last long.. but I got in some of the pictures!!!!
(note who is now carrying the military loaded pack)

In the end, we all finished... little man with the best time of the group: 39:00 minutes!! And I got to run the last half mile with our big guy... this time there was excitement!!
And cheering!!! 
(and I still had the pack) ;)

Always - Abbey

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