Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ohhh... bring on the SUN!!

The weather has been really awesome around here lately! 
Late afternoon sun, slight breeze...
I just want to bottle it up and save it for mid-July when we are sweating our skin off!!! 
Yesterday was a drop your backpack on the driveway and immediately hop on your bike or scooter or both after school kinda day...
We spent long, sunshiny hours outside playing, riding, and creating fun ways do what boys do best... compete!!!
Sometimes I long for frilly girls who would rather pick flowers and draw loopsy-daisies on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.... WAIT...  no I don't :)) HA!! 
That is so not me... 
I am a 'boy mom' thru and thru! So I did what I do best when my boys start competing and facing off in yet another 'important' sports match.. I got up and refereed (and took pictures)!!!
Let's Get READY to RUMBLE.... 
Sidewalk 'Golf/Baseball' Hockey!!!!
The Face Off...
 There were skilled moves, giggles, a bit of cheating...
 but most of all fun!
Did I mention that when our boys play these 'games' they play as fierce as they would if they were competing in the Olympics?? So, with that said,  there are always tears and some arguing... Big bro doesn't give little bro an inch of slack because he is younger or smaller!! And most of the time little bro doesn't need that inch, but there are times when he buckles and shows that he is only 4...
 (note: the thrown stick on the ground in background, and big bro's wide smile)
I can't bear to see him cry, so I did what any mom/referee would do... 
I called 'high-sticking' on big bro and a free penalty shot for little bro!!
(Oh Ya.. he whipped that ball right past big bro and the tears were gone!!)
(Nice camera shot, if I do say so myself ;))
After that there were some elbows throw in retribution on little bro's part, so I called more fouls and free shots.. Fair is Fair!
Did I mention big bro doesn't give an inch...??

When the sun shines and my boys are playing, that's when all the running around and craziness that engulfs our life seems well worth it! 

Always - Abbey

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