Friday, January 20, 2012

Journaling thru January...

As a mom, I loved being the one person our boys would turn to for help. 
As babies, there is nothing more precious than the outreach of their arms asking for a hug, the stretch of their hand needing help to reach something or wanting to hold your hand, the look on their face when you are there teaching them to do a puzzle, shoot a basket, or ride a bike.
I'll admit that thru my tired and stressed days as a mommy, I have wanted and prayed for them to become more independent... I think every parent does! But still, as I look at our big guy doing his home work all by himself...
And our little man just helping himself to a snack...
I can't help but miss the days of little outreached hands and excited eyes asking for help!!! I am prouder than proud of our boys and the big kids they are growing into... but to me they will ALWAYS need my help and I will be there to give it!!!
(whether they like it or not, ha!!)

Always - Abbey

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