Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another day of firsts

Yesterday was another day full of firsts... first day of school, first day of a new school year, for some the first day with an empty house from 8am-3:30pm... the list could go on!! We sent off our big boy to 2nd grade... Man, this kid is something special!
When milestones hit people always say, 'where has the time gone?!'... I know where it has gone, it has gone by quickly and at a snail's pace, it has gone by in smiles and tears, in screaming matches and hugs, it has crept by while watching movies and riding bikes, sleeping in late and waking up every hour on the hour, it has zoomed by in endless sport practices and ever growing picture piles, learning to walk then running wildly... time just goes by and sometimes we don't even realize all the 'firsts' we have experienced! Time is such a crazy thing to me, it is the one thing you can never have enough of!! I am the type of person that doesn't always savor every moment as best I could, I am too busy looking ahead with anticipation and excitement! I forget sometimes to slow down and let the little moments fill me as much as the big moments do! I think we all are like that from time to time...

Yesterday I was honored to host a breakfast for some of the new Kindergarten Moms in my early childhood group! I was so touched by their stories. I was moved to tears by some of their emotions and I was reminded of my pride when our big boy started Kinder. It was a great way to start a new school year, sharing stories, laughing, tearing up a bit, eating yummies and spending some quality time with moms just like me!! I put together these little gifts for the new Kinder Moms...
I remember feeling so lost and worried that first day (and I know not all moms are like this... my big boy didn't adjust so swimmingly to Kinder, lol)! I wanted to give them something sweet and funny (note the wine glasses on the pack of cards) to remember their special day! I think being a Mom is such a roller coaster of emotions, some wonderful and some not so wonderful (it is ok to admit that ;)) )... and we need all the support and friendship we can get! I am blessed to say I have an enormous amount of friendship and support in my life!!!! I am beyond thankful for being able to say that!!! And I can only hope that as my little team of 4 goes thru life, we teach our boys to be thankful for and realize the love and support that surrounds them!
Here's to many more 'firsts'...

Always - Abbey

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