Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unique Wreath Tutorial

 A girl's weekend would not be complete without some crafting... (at least for us)!!! So Julie and I hit up Wally-World to try and find some wreaths to jazz up! But in smallsville Decatur and Bowie Texas, there was slim pickings!!! On a whim, we started to look for anything we could wrap with fabric (desperate crafters I tell ya)... and here is what we came up with!!!
Doesn't look much like a wreath, but give me a minute and I will show you our brainchild! LOL...

First we measured a smaller rectangle on the middle of the big rectangle... Notice my lovely measuring tool: A Flea Market Magazine... Greatness!!!

Once done... this is what you should have!

Then I cut it out with a handy cheese knife... again desperate crafters will use anything and everything to craft! HA!

Then just gently push the small rectangle out, you may have to use the knife again but be careful so you don't crack the outer rectangle.

And Ta DA..... this is what you should get!
Not perfect... but close enough! You can always shave the inner edges if you are not a great eyeball measurer, like me!

Next, start wrapping your fabric of choice! I picked red because I needed a patriotic themed wreath for my door... yes even tho it''s past the 4th ;))
I started on the long side, stopping at the corners. I am not sure if starting at the corners would be better??  I had to wrap the corners separately so that I could get it flat...

Then once we were all wrapped I added some blue and white flowers to the corners, and some bling...

Here is the finished product... kinda quirky and different but I really like it!!! 

Sometimes mixing it up and not just putting a round wreath out really adds a lot of color and fun to your front door!!!

Enjoy! And let me know if you try one out!!! 
p.s. here is Julie with her wreath...
Totally cute and totally quirky... Love it!!!

And p.s.s.... be ready for a mess! Cutting into that Styrofoam was crazy messy! I am sure the hotel staff just loved us the next morning...

Always - Abbey


  1. Super cute, Abbey! I'm gonna make me one!

  2. Thanks Joy!!! Post a pic... I'd love to see your craftiness!!!