Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And the List goes on...

Yes... We made one!
The summer list to end all summer lists.... Ha!!!
Really tho, I wanted to add a little fun into the mix this summer and who am I kidding... 
I am a list making girl!!
So I was all in for a giant list to show our adventures!!
So far it's proved to be a great blue print for boredom busting and giving us something to get excited about each morning!!
Plus these two crazies love anything to be competitive about...
So you can imagine the leverage I get when I throw down the 'who gets to make the check mark on the list' ultimatum!!!
Hey... don't judge!! It works!!
So far we have made great headway in the check marking department!!
We have gone on a trash walk around our hood and soon to be school for BOTH boys {sniff, sniff}.
We filled 2 grocery sacks full of yuck and got a little playground time out of it too!!
My favorite part... 
Hearing big boy tell little bro all the ins and outs of the playground, as to prep him to be king of the slide on that first day of kinder!!!
Any moment of brother love makes this Momma's heart overflow!!

We had an epic craft day with friends... 
Including pj's, breakfast baking and happy kids (and Mommas) galore!!
{Big boy's got some red bird drawing skills... just sayin'}

The 'List' goes on... Memories will be made.
 Hopefully fights and boredom will be avoided! 
But if we do get bored or if fights happen to pop up(who am I kidding, they WILL HAPPEN), the most important thing I am trying to remember is to savor the moments. 
Good, bad, fun, or bored...
This is our summer to remember!!

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