Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#Mommaprobs (things i love)

I'm often caught by surprise by the things that I love about being a Mom....
Like when our boys leave a random soccer ball on the floorboard in the back seat and I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye while driving, and I almost wreck because I think there's a creeper behind me about to abduct me!
Or when I am sitting in the front room working and I hear the weirdest cracking or chomping noise come from one of the boy's bedrooms, and knowing that I am the only one home, I begin to sweat and look around for a weapon... only to find the Beast (aka our dog) going to town on a bowl full of chips left on little man's bed!
And then there is the ever growing mismatched sock pile taking over the top of my dryer, some brand new socks mind you... and on a random afternoon I go into the back yard to refill the bird feeder and find 2 socks stuffed in the back corner of the fence under a pile of leaves!
Oh... And let's not forget the biweekly wake up calls at 4am with a whisper and a little spit-ish morning breath mixed in 2 inches from my face... because they have to go to the bathroom or need a drink of water!
For real though, it's jarring sometimes how much these 2 little humans have uprooted and changed my life. When they reach for my hand, call out my name just to say they love me before they go to sleep, and especially when they look at me with their ever different, but equally enchanting eyes... I just ache with love. 
The purpose they give me can never be mistaken. 
The lessons they have taught me far exceeds a classroom.
 By being their Mom, I have been made whole.

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